Historic Downtown Walking Tour

The local Green County Leaders Program of 2018/2019 project was established to do a virtual historic walking tour downtown Monroe.  





1023 16th Avenue - Monroe, WI 53566

(608) 325-6157

Emil Baumgartner, opened his business in 1931, with the original aim of selling cheesemaking equipment to the several hundred factories in Wisconsin’s Green County. When the Depression hit, many factories were unable to pay in cash, so they paid in cheese instead. Baumgartner’s, in turn, began selling cheese, and then sandwiches, and soon, beer.

Now it features some of Wisconsin's finest cheese, imported cheese, specialty foods, and much more, Baumgartner's Cheese Store & Tavern,  is Wisconsin's oldest cheese store! In addition to our popular retail store, you can enjoy great food and locally brewed beers at our adjoining tavern! 

Hours: 8 AM - At Least 11:30 PM
Full Menu Open until 8:00 PM


1717 10th Street, Monroe, WI 53566

Second floor of Wisconsin Bank and Trust



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